PROPONENTS utilizes an evaluation approach that is empowering and participatory, striving to involve multiple stakeholders and beneficiaries so that multiple perspectives are captured and represented.

The power of information cultivates an environment of learning and growth. We often learn more from our “failures” than we do through our successes. Through the process of evaluation, organizations learn what strategies work, and what strategies need to be adjusted to increase effectiveness. The power of information also provides accountability. Evaluation allows organizations to measure success and demonstrate results.

Our Values

  • Collaboration – Working together collectively we can achieve greater success. We value your expertise in your field.
  • Empowerment – We build capacity of organizations that serve and empower the voices of those being served.
  • Relationships – We thrive on cultivating relationships, working in diverse environments and listening to diverse perspectives. We are committed to racial equity.
  • Discovery – We strive to create a collective learning environment for ourselves and our clients.
  • Excellence – We maintain the highest of standards for our work.