Engaging Organizations In The Reflective Process Of Evaluation

PROPONENTS engages organizations in the reflective process of evaluation at any stage of the program life-cycle in order to gain deeper insight, capture lessons learned, demonstrate success, and strategically plan the way forward. We help organizations understand needs, identify solutions, articulate goals, assess progress, determine results, and increase impact. PROPONENTS provides three services to our clients. 

Building Evaluation Capacity

Organizations with sound evaluation systems and plans are more likely to reach their goals. PROPONENTS helps organizations to design, strengthen and implement comprehensive evaluation strategies. We walk alongside organizations to increase their ability to manage and engage with evaluation and optimize all the learning that evaluation has to provide.

External Evaluation Support

Grant-funded programs and other special projects benefit from the experience, expertise and out-side perspective offered by an external evaluator. PROPONENTS conducts process, developmental, and outcomes evaluations for a variety of services and programs, specializing in qualitative and quantitative data inquiry and for both domestic and international settings.

Workshops & Trainings

With foundational evaluation skills, staff are more likely to utilize evaluation tools within their organization and engage in continuous quality improvement of their programs. PROPONENTS offers individualized trainings or group workshops for organizational leaders & managers that seek to increase their understanding, knowledge, and skills of key aspects of evaluation.