Below you will find the names and bios of our team

Lead Consultants

We are a value driven, service orientated consulting group coming alongside organizations as we learn and work to change our community and global reality in an intimate way.

Matteah Spencer Reppart, Founder and Principal Consultant, has diverse professional and life experiences that have shaped who she is and informed her work. Committed to the field of evaluation and with a passion for community development, Matteah has worked internationally and locally, providing evaluation services for employment programs, capacity building programs, community information projects, preschools, parenting programs, community based health care projects, training programs, health and sanitation projects, and child survival projects.

Matteah earned her Masters Degree in International Development Administration through Western Michigan University, with a concentration in Monitoring and Evaluation. Building on her degree, Matteah has many years of working in program management, program development, data management and evaluation. With expertise in qualitative and quantitative data collection, Matteah has designed and led summative impact evaluations, process evaluations, developed evaluation frameworks, monitoring checklists, assessed data quality, and assisted in the development of data collection tools. In her work and through her roles as an intentional neighbor, foster parent, Home Visitor, and ESL instructor, Matteah has had many opportunities to learn about the dynamics of our local and international community. It is her hope to use these experiences for the benefit of others.

Associate Consultants

Based on a commitment to best practice evaluation and cultural competency, PROPONENTS forms unique, project based Teams in order to best serve the needs of each client. The following individuals have worked for PROPONENTS, offering their extraordinary technical expertise and insight to various projects:

  • Jill Petty, MA – Communications and Media Expert; Social Justic Advocate; Dedicated to raising consciousness of vital social issues, especially related to power structures, race, and gender.
  • LaTarro Traylor, JD – Specialist in Community Engagement and Advocacy; Commissioner for State of Michigan’s Community Action and Economic Opportunity Council; Champion for resident empowerment and poverty alleviation.
  • Roni Van Buren – Community Activist and Program Manager working for families and children in her community; dedicated to justice; and sharing the wisdom her front-line experiences and research.
  • Ann Marie Rivera – Dedicated Urban Community Leader and Advocate; Trained and experienced neighborhood facilitator and peer educator; passionate about sharing her journey and experiences to inspire positive social changes.

Other PROPONENTS consultants have exceptional experiences in organizational leadership, management, facilitation, equity projects, and fund development. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

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