PROPONENTS wants to see you succeed in creating positive social change.

We believe change is activated through information & reflection.

Through evaluation, you gain access to powerful information that you can use to make a greater impact.


Evaluation offers an organization a mirror – an opportunity to pause and reflect. It gives us insight, a chance to celebrate what is working and address what is not.


Evaluation is a process that identifies needs & articulates goals. It gathers information and then reflects it back. Together, we decide what it means and chart the path forward.


Committed to competency and best-practices, we offer a premier evaluation experience. We facilitate an evaluation process that is inclusive, collaborative, & empowering.

I Am Not Enough

Do you ever hear that phrase, deep down, whispered to yourself, “I am not enough?”  Usually, this thought creeps up when we are not feeling our...

My Wake Up Call

Something really strange has been happening in our home lately. First of all, our house has been clean and seems to be always picked up. This, in...

It’s like you put a mirror up to our work and showed us who we are and what we’re doing, flaws and all.

Tracey Flower

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I cannot imagine trying to implement the Elevating Voices project without Proponents as part of the process.

Jen VanderHeide

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This is a great company that can really help to clarify the inputs and outcomes of your organization.

Jonathan Peerboom

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